A Portable Bong Kit 4 Life on the Road
Traveling Puff Water Pipe Kit with TP Logo Dude

Traveling Puff Water Pipe Kit how to use:

(For tobacco use only)

Poking holes in the water bottle at A and B

Insert poker at points "A" & "B" on plastic bottle.

Traveling Puffdowntube insert hole B

Hole "A" is your carburetor. Slide stem into hole "B" at a downward angle. Slightly twist if stubborn. Bottle should have water filled to just below hole "B".

Graphic image of kit smoking

Place your favorite smoking product into bowl, use a finger to cover carburetor and smoke through bottle mouth. Enjoy!

Universal recycling symbol image

When done, replace poker and stem in traveling tube. Dry and smell-free!

Please recycle.


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